Looking for Core Module and Screen or whole FP2

I want to try alternative OS for the FP2 and don’t want to use my everyday phone for this. All I need is a core module and maybe a screen, that I don’t have to use the screen of my daily in use FP2.

If the price is good, I would even consider to buy a complete FP2, though I have all other modules already.
Location is Gotha, Thuringia, Germany

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I am still looking. Any offers?

If it’s still ok for you, I’m selling my FP2 for 120€ + shipping (from France)



Could you place a foto of the FP2 with the data of tody showing on the screen?


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Hi Laurent,
thank you very much for your offer, but I can’t afford that much right now.

Ok. Thanks for your answer.
Let me know if you have any offer that would be fair for you.


I didn’t mention that the battery is pretty new as well as the cover and display.
It comes with one extra battery (the hold one, lasting few hours more) and the old cover (with some scratchs, blue as well)