Looking for (broken) Fairphone 2 or 3 to giveaway for school project


I am looking for a Fairphone 2 or 3 for a school project. It does not matter if it is broken but it should be complete and I should be able to disassemble it.

I am teaching natural sciences in a school in Berlin, Germany and I would like to present in class the different components of a smartphone and what makes a smartphone fair and sustainable.

It would be great if someone have a (broken) Fairphone 2 or 3 to giveaway. Of course, I will bear the shipping cost.



Welcome to the community forum!
It’s wonderful that you spread the word of Fairphone!

You might want to contact the berlin #fairphoneangel at berlin @ fairphone.community. He may have a FP to lend you, or spare parts at least. I can’t promise he will be able to help you, but it might be worth a shot :slight_smile:


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