Looking for Amsterdam based Fairphone 2 owner to go on Taiwanese TV


Next Thursday one of the biggest Taiwanese TV will be filming in our office. They are coming to the Netherlands and would like to make a one-hour in-depth coverage about renewable energy, E-waste recycling, mainly focusing on how to solve the problem of environmental pollution. The part about Fairphone might be 20 min.!

They also want to interview someone who has a Fairphone 2. This interview with a buyer can be done in their home or Fairphone Office, depending on their willing. They will be available on 13th, 15th afternoon, 16th, 17th morning, 20th and 23rd of March.

If you have time and are comfortable to speak English in front of a camera and always dreamed of 5 minutes of fame in Taiwan, please send me a PM if you are interested!