Looking for a screen for an FP1u

I have an elderly FP1u which has been out of action for a couple of years now. The problem seems to be the screen. It lights up but it will not detect any movement of fingers, and so it won’t unlock. I no longer need the phone for regular use but I would like to recover the photographs stored on it. This seems to be impossible without unlocking it, and for that - I am told - I need to beg, buy or borrow a compatible screen.

I live in the UK (Manchester area). The photographs are from a long holiday in Australia, which is not somewhere I’m likely to visit again for a long time.

All thoughts welcome.

Thanks in advance.


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If the screen still displays everything properly, you might not need a new one if it’s just for recovering the photos. Look out for an OTG adapter or OTG cable – this allows you to connect a normal computer mouse to your FP1U and control it that way (instead of touch).

If that proves impossible, you can still check if your current display is properly connected. For touch functionality to work, the “digitizer ZIF connector.” in step 16 is essential here:


Thanks, that sounds very helpful. I’ll try both of those suggestions.


Have you taken the battery out to help restore this feature? I have a FP2 and sometimes it will forget its touch screen feature - dismantling it immediately restores this. Hope that helps but I am sure you’ve already tried this.

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Thanks for the tip, but I’ve had it all dismantled and remantled several times without restoring the touch screen function.
I’ve got an OTG adaptor on order and will try attaching a mouse to the phone when it arrives.

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Hi Neil,
If you end up stuck; I have an old FP1u here at home. I think its display module is still functional as it died after an involuntary bath showing signs of life on the display afterwards. I figured that the main module died. My plan was to try to fix the issue, but it has been over a year so I’d rather help you out if you want. I live in the Netherlands, so if helpfull to you we can discuss options to get the phonw to your place in the UK.

Thanks for the kind offer. I may yet take you up on it! (My brother has work that takes him to Rotterdam a lot, in normal times, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to arrange a pick-up somewhere.)

Meanwhile, I have acquired an OTG adaptor for the princely sum of £1.82 (= 2.09 euros) including postage. And it works! I have been able to unlock the screen and access various bits.

I do have one problem still though. I can’t find a way of clicking on any of the three “buttons” at the base of the screen, i.e. the ones for Settings, Home and Back. Is this possible with a mouse?

Thanks again all!

I still can’t activate the Settings, Home or Back buttons on the base of the screen. Is there a way round this, with mouse operation? TIA

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