Looking for a replacement for FP1 touchscreen module and/or USBconnector unit

Hi there,
my trusted FP1 fell a few days ago, resulting in a cracked screen, so I can no longer enter my code to access the phone.
I have not been able to make backups of the phone since there has always been a problem with the USB connector unit (I could only us it to load the battery, never to connect to my PC).
So all I want is a replacement screen or a replacement USB connector unit so I can access my precious data.

Please help!?
Forever greatful!

I have the same problem! In case I get my hands on one of these things I can send it to you afterwards :wink: If you find another solution on how to access your phone data in the meantime, please share. x Lotta

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Only if you want to use your FP1 longer.
Another option to make a backup is to use a micro SD card that you can put into the phone.

There are Fairphone Angels that have secondhand spare parts for the FP1. Some Fairphone Angels have secondhand displays.
You can bring your phone to an Angel and have it repaired for free. No costs, no guarantee.
If you can’t come in person, you could send the phone to an Angel and pay only the postage.

As for the software. At this moment you can upgrade your FP1 to Android 4.4.4 and with the security update from 01-01-19 your phone is safe to use.

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That would be great!

It’s incredible that there seems no end-user version of the tools that are used to retrieve data like government services can…

That would be a great market for FairPhone, no?

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