Looking for a FP3 bottom module

I’m desperately looking for a FP3 bottom module, as my phone in not charging anymore, but it’s my “work-phone” as well.
So if anyone may have a spare module, maybe even used, in Germany, I would like to buy it.

Kind regards

Hi Niclas welcome to the forum.

Have you tried checking the USB port for debris, I hope you have already tried alternative cable, but even the cable plug can accumulate debris if it is carried around a lot.

Ansonsten ist es bei Vireo verfügbar: Untermodul für Fairphone 3 und Fairphone 3+ | grüne Elektronik bei Vireo kaufen

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thank you for your help. I already cleaned the port and checked three cables/chargers.
Yesterday my son managed to splash some water into the port, so I guess it might be corroded.
The phone charges but really, really slow. About 1% per 30 minutes.

Kind regards

It won’t corrode that quickly, but if you have or get some isopropyl alcohol you may be able to clean it, ?? Drying can take time have you tried a hairryer on a low setting.

It may help to take the module out for cleaning it’s contacts too and it may be a seating problem.

There was some talk of bottom modules being available once the EVER GIVEN ship had docked in Amsterdam but maybe that was just a pipe dream, heaven knows what they were smoking :slight_smile:

Hi @Niclas1234 Niclas

The news is that the bottom modules are now avaialable

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