🇩🇪 Looking for a FP2 rear camera module (8 or 12 MP)

Hello people,

I am looking for a Fairphone 2 rear camera module of any resolution. It has to be shipped to Germany (preferrably it is also shipped from Germany) or I can pick it up around the city of Magdeburg.

If someone has a spare camera flying around or knows someone that has, please hit me up :slight_smile:

Thanks you, stay safe

Edit: typo

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Hi, I allowed myself to edit your topic title – the FP2 rear (main) camera module only came in 8 MP (first version) or 12 MP (second version).

I wish you good luck, you might even get an 8 MP one for free if some of the upgraders still have theirs. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for editing!
Maybe I’m in luck, but if not, that’s fine as well.
Stay safe!

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Ich habe das alte 8MP Modell herumliegen, weil ich auf das 12MP Modul umgerüstet habe. Ich kann es Dir gerne zusenden, zum Abholen ist Köln vermutlich zu weit.

Hey, danke für deine schnelle Antwort! Ja, Köln ist tatsächlich ein bisschen weit, gerade in der aktuellen Situation :wink:
Ich schreibe dir gleich eine Nachricht, dann können wir da alles weitere klären.

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