Looking for a FP2 Core Modul or complete phone

Hey everyone,

Since my display module und core module are not connecting anymore but working fine separately, I am now looking for a functioning core module or a complete phone for spare parts.
I live in Germany.

Thanks a lot,

Hi there and welcome to the community!
If you’re intersted, there are some on sale on vireo.de:

But are you sure that the problem comes from your core module? It would be a shame to buy one and discover that it isn’t the problem. Moreover you say they both work ok separatly, perhaps the problem comes from the connectors. Did you already try cleaning them? Or see whether they aren’t loose?

Hey alex21,
thanks for the link, I will check that.
I put my display module on the FP2 of my brother and it worked fine.
When I put pressure on the back of the the phone, the screen ist working so I took apart the phone according to a manual and placed a piece of thin cardboard behind the core module connectors . It worked at first but now the screen stays black again even though the phone is on. It all started after the phone fell to the ground.

Thanks in advance for your advice :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you carefully clean the connectors with cleaning alcohol?

Actually no, I thought it is a mechanical issue for sure, but I will try it tonight, thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

If this doesn’t work, you may try this: Reflowing the FP2's motherboard - a success story, mostly
Probably a bad idea, do it only if you’re desperate :slightly_smiling_face:

It is working again :slight_smile: I did not put it in the oven but I think the principle is the same: my father used a soldering iron around the connection part of the core module as he is sure that it must have been a hairline crack that is closed now.
I will be very careful with my good fellow FP2 now which already 4 years old :slight_smile: thanks again for your help.


Wow. Congratulations, I was actually half joking when I suggested this :sweat_smile:

I thought so :smiley: to put a phone into the oven really is desperate. But my dad does this for a living, with TVs :slight_smile:

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:smiley: only just now noticed how badly that was formulated. Of course I meant repairing TVs, not putting them into ovens… whatever :smiley: I don’t know how to close a thread but this one can be closed.