Looking for a FP2 Bottom Module (and good arguments, in Cologne)

my FP2 is facing several hardware problems after being in use for 25 months only. Now I really want to convince my friends that FairPhone is not just another throw-away product, and my best argument would be a Bottom Module that works well; age does not matter.
So, in case you sell or give away a Bottom Module, you can help me very much.
Timo from Cologne

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Hi welcome to the forum.
Would you like to explain the problems please, for arguments sake :slight_smile:

Hi amoun,

thank you, yes, I would like to explain. So these are the problems I need to solve for my good arguments.

Vibration motor
The first problem I face since winter is the vibration motor that stops working from time to time. Since a few weeks it works well again, but there are periods of days that it doesn’t.

The quality of microphones changes almost day by day. After quite stable short periods of time my microphones running well, the microphones collapse and the people I call can only hear noise. First checkup diagnosis clearly pointed to secondary microphone’s problems. I ordered a top module, but before replacing it, checkup diagnosis now clearly pointed to primary mic problems. I replaced the top module, and removed and reinstalled my old bottom module. In the first place, nothing improved. But after a day or so, the quality of voice got back to normal. Then it got worse again, and so on.
I am very sure I need a new bottom module. Fairphone support confirmed this.

Heat, reboot … and bluetooth
Since about 6 weeks, the cellphone sometimes gets very hot just between camera and logo, even if only bluetooth is running in the backgound for the corona warning app. Further, additional to overheating problems, sometimes the cellphone automatically reboots very often.
My impression is that Bluetooth may possibly be involved in heat and rebooting behavior. Interestingy, the device deteriorates when taking the train, or walking in the city centre. My only explanantion for this is related to the German government’s corona warning app which relies on bluetooth for sensoring proximity of other devices: in the train or the city centre, there are potentionally many other devices with which my phone is exchanging information. When switching off bluetooth in these situations, my impression was it got better; though of course, this may have been coincidence.

Sudden loss of charge
Further, after warning me that charge is at 15 percent only, it sometimes loses those 15 percent within a few seconds.
Quite rarely, it’s worse, then it takes a few minutes to drop from 50% to 15%, than seconds to zero. Power supply for charging brought it back to about 30% immediately.
The FP support thinks the battery problem can be addressed by replacing my battery, so this problem would be easy to solve.

Also, I performed the following tests:

  • the cover power button is OK
  • the power switch is OK
  • barrery does not move
  • the Fairphone 2 system is up-to-date (OS 21.05.0)

So, that’s my long story.


Hi Timo,
In case you want the users to help with those problems, it would be good to move this post to the help section.

Still: when we meet for the bottom module I can also give you another battery to test. The vibration Motor is located in the bottom module as well.

6 weeks could be the time you upgraded from Android 7 to Android 9? Or did you not use the corona app before? I do not use so cannot really say anything to that, but sure when Bluetooth and GPS (or is this no longer needed for the app) are always running this could be a reason also the current temperatures are not very helpul. You could run the FP in safemode or do a factory reset ( safe all data before) to see if there is anything else causing this. In the Fdroid Store is a fork of the Corona app, note sure if this might be running better?



As far as arguments go they are pretty much the same.

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