Looking for a Fairphone 4 display (also case and screen protector)

Hello Fairphone Community

For a long time I have enjoyed using Fairphone. First the FP2, that I in the end unfortunately had more and more problems with and it was hard to fix it. So now I have a FP4, which is working quite well. But running down the street one day, having missed to close a pocket in my bag properly, the phone came jumping out and made several skips, with the glass facing down, along the asphalt. The phone got a new interesting pattern of cracks and black spots across the screen. It is somewhat aesthetic, but at the same time it affects the functionality a bit. So, now I would need to get another display to be able to use the phone the way it was planned. And to protect it a bit better in the future, I would also be interested in a case and a screen protector for the phone.
Having a limited budget, I am hoping to find parts second hand, at a bit lower cost. If you have a FP4 display, case or screen protector laying around unused that you would consider selling, I would be most grateful if you sent me a message.
Kind regards

Not exactly what you are looking for but you can find third party cases and protectors at a cheaper price

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