Looking for a Fairphone 3 display/screen module - Netherlands

After dropping the fairphone 3, unfortunately the display broke. While it is still functional, it is difficult to read anything and I worry it will not hold very long. If anyone is selling a functional fairphone 3 module, please let me know.

I am based in the Netherlands, so would need to be possible to ship here :).

Hi Megin,

Just to make sure, you know that you can buy a screen from the Fairphone webshop?

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Thanks Harmen, yes definitely know this and might do this if no one has a spare one. But in case someone bought one and possibly their phone isn’t working overall and selling the different parts, I would much rather buy a second hand one :).


Found one, so now the old one is available for free in case anyone needs a (cracked) display for testing. It is in the offer section

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