Looking for a fairphone 2 :)


if you own a fairphone 2 that is still working but don’t really use it
I would be happy to buy it.

Oh, sorry. I am afraid you just missed this interesting item.

Hi Rachel,

I am receiving a completely new fairphone 2 as a replacement. It will be brand new but only the screen will be under warranty. For the first month they are happy to replace anything defective on the new model. I no longer need it so I am looking for someone that would like to buy it. I should receive it soon and it will be in the box and unused. If there are any problems when you start using it I will of course support you in getting fairphone to fix them within the first month.

I will also be putting this out on the forum as for sale but do let me know if you want to buy it and how much you would offer for it. I was thinking of 25% off the current retail price which is 399 euros. So 300 euros. It will have an indigo back.

Let me know if you are interested

Best wishes, Tubchen

yeah i replied to that offer but someone else was faster than i was :((

thank you for your message :slight_smile:
i am definitely interested in your phone and i would buy it for 300 euros.

Hi Rachel,

That is great. How should we organise it?

If we are very quick, I can change the address as it has not yet shipped and get it sent straight to you? I can send you a screen shot of your address on the order and then you can send me the payment perhaps via paypal?

Where are you in the UK?

Best wishes


Yes paypal would be perfect. But I actually live in Germany so I guess it is not possible to have it shipped directly to me ?

I think it might be ok, I can try if you send your address.

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