Looking for a bottom module (FP2)


I have problems with the main microphone of my FP2. I would have liked to buy a new bottom module and replace it, but it seems they are no longer available in the official store (which I find totally astonishing and disappointing, being FP boasted as a sustainable, long-lasting product).

Can anybody suggest where I could find a working bottom module for replacing?

I saw here on the forum a lot of people experienced the same issue. I hope someone can give some hint, thank you in advance!


You may want to consider a repair as an alternative.

You will find other posts if you search.

Yes those that bought the FP2 early may have had 7 years of use in a few cases, how long have you had the FP2?

All the best

Hello, thanks for the reply. Yes, trying to repair could be an alternative. Of course just to replace would be easier, I guess (if you find a bottom module working…), so I first tried with that. Thanks for the link, if I don’t find a working bottom module, I’ll try with repair.
I bought my FP2 in 2017, it’s five years. I had some small problems from time to time, but this is the first time I have problems with the microphone.