Look for FP1 battery replacement!

Hi everyone!
Here a message reaches you like out of stoneage, I know… but I am still using Fairphone 1!
I love this phone and I would love to be able to going on using it. So: Does ANYONE STILL HAVE AN FP1 BATTERY that she or he would provide me?

If not… In another topic here in the community I’ve already read some people succeeded in changing with a battery of a different manufacturer. Does it really work or did you experience problems? What do I have to pay attention to?

You are brilliant, thanks & love! <3

Franzi : )

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Have a read here.


Thank you very much! And can tell anyone me anything about how Huawei and vhbw batteries are working now after some years further of using? Let’s make some “testing” conclusion. : )

Besides, I wondered, there was mentioned this battery from original producer Fenghua (?) or ChangHong, which should own most of properties of the F1B101 (original FP1 battery) including size and thermoregulation (I think so). They only had been sold out for a while. Did noone test this and if did so, how does or did it work? : )

Thank you all very much!

I think it is best if you ask that question in the topic that Lidwien suggested. That might “wake up” some of the previous participants in that topic. But bear in mind that the battery in a smartphone is always the most short-lived part, so I would not break my mind too long about which one lasts forever.

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Found one : ) :v: Very very happy!!


I have two -used but working fine- FP1 batteries. Send me a private message to see options, as I am happy to give them away but not to pay for the shipping.

Based in Amsterdam, NL

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Hi! I’m looping for a FP1 battery. Have you got anyone ?

Welcome to the community forum.

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