Login screen only displays numbers

Since the latest firmware, letters have been gone from the keypad on the login screen.
Anyone can tell me how to activate these again?

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Could you please tell us which update for which phone is meant?
And are you sure, that you see the login screen for the phone and not the PIN for the SIM card?

But the PIN has only numbers, so everything is ok.
And we are talking about a Fairphone 4 I guess ;).

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Yes, “Faiphone 4”. No is actually the the device pin screen. I’m certain it used to show the “ABC”.

I can’t tell you if it did show letters, but your device PIN shouldn’t have included any. If you choose a password instead of a PIN, you get a normal keyboard to enter it.

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It has only numbers. Use the t9 scheme only to remember them more easily.
Found out, the new keypad is a feature of Android 12.

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