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Hello, I have a new FP3 and I’m getting used to it. My old phone is a Moto G5 plus. The Moto has a fingerprint scanner on the front. I used to unlock and lock my phone with this fingerprint scanner.
With the fingerprint scanner on the FP3 I can unlock the phone. However, it seems that I can’t lock the phone with the fingerprint scanner. I installed the app Lock Screen. That does the job, but when another app is using the screen the Lock Screen app is hidden.
Is there a way to use the fingerprint scanner for locking the phone? Has it anything to do with the launcher (and would another launcher solve this)?

Hi :slight_smile:
Maybe I misunderstood your question, but why would you want to lock your screen with the fingerprint sensor? You can just press the power button or simply wait until the phone locks itself


You can lower the amount of time until the phone gets locked, so that you’ll have to unlock it more (e.g. with your finger).

My phone has a default apknite widget that will turn off the screen when you touch it. Try to search for similar apps.

I would like to use a software-button in stead of the physical power button to prevent it from wearing out (assuming that a physical switch wears out and the fingerprint sensor doesn’t).
I want to lock my phone before I put my phone in my pocket to prevent unwanted calling. Waiting for it to lock, even with a short auto-lock time would be annoying.

I don’t have a solution that utilizes the fingerprint sensor, but you can use Quickly Quit to lock your screen by tapping on a notification - so one swipe + one tap.

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The scanner can wear out just as easy if not faster. This is my experience.

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Here, the middle bottom button. Search for lock screen widget.


It can be done without additional software. Just activate the accessibility menu.

Then you geht this little manikin at the bottom right. Touch it and enjoy some usefull shortcuts.

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