Lock screen with password/pattern won't work

Even though I chose a password/pattern to unlock my phone with in the settings, it will only work the first time after turning on the phone. Next time I unlock it it’s just a picture of some mountains and sky showing up, and I just have to swipe to unlock it. It is very frustrating because I would really like to be able to lock my phone. Can you please help me with this issue?

To me it seems as if you activated the SIM lock but not the display lock yet.
As you may already know you can find it under Settings > Security.
Also consider using a shorter lock time and the option that the power button locks the device.

The picture you describe doesn’t sound like a preinstalled picture on the FP, so my guess is you have installed a 3rd party app that controls your lock screen. Look for an app that uses a lot of permissions.

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