Location services icon is showing, despite being turned off


Here’s them stats. As you can see in the top bar, location services icon is visible as ON.

When checking the quicksettings or full settings, its clearly OFF.

My GPS app asks me to activate it, which tells me GPS really is off. But the icon thing is quite distracting.

What do i do to get rid of it? I shall happily provide any info you need.


You seem to use Fairphone Open. Still: Do you have Google services installed, or are you using Mozilla, or any other NLP provider? My guess: You are using an app which is using the rough location estimation from network and/or W-LAN (Wifi) provider. This can happen even in the background, there are numerous apps checking location in the background. Maybe they are causing the location symbol in the top bar to appear. Check Einstellungen -> Nutzer: Standort. In case you have activated something else than just “Nur Gerät” this may cause the issue.