Location of btsnoop_hci log file?

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I cannot find my file btsnoop_hci.log, which is supposed to be in /sdcard/btsnoop_hci.log.
Is there another path to look for, or should I deduce that my logs aren’t generated ?
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Hi and welcome to the Fairphone forum,

Logs are generated but well hidden and in a different format:
You need to create a bugreport after snooping, e.g. via adb bugreport bugreport.zip, then unpack the zip file and look for the folder FS/data/misc/bluetooth/logs/. There should be some files named hci_snoop<sometimestamp>.cfa which can be opened with wireshark.

On some posts regarding the the bluetooth snooping it was recommended to first turn bluetooth off, enable snooping, enable bluetooth, do tests, disable bluetooth, disable snooping; exactly in this order. Otherwise the logs might not appear.

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Great thank you, I didn’t knew this command, cause I’m a perfect newcomer to android world.
I followed your instructions concerning snooping as well.
Id did got some bugreport.zip file, but sadly no misc folder :cry:.
Any idea of other common errors leading to activated bluetooth logs not being recorded ?