Locate your position without Google

How can I find my gps current location without google?

Not sure I understand your question, but can’t you simply enable GPS?

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Yeah, exactly. You can use any app that supports it to determine your location, it does not have to be Google Maps.

You could use the app OsmAnd. Just download F-Droid and then OsmAnd. Then you get the plus version and you can decide yourself what you want to donate to the developers of OsmAnd, instead of having to pay to google.


GPS has nothing to do with Google.

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Except if your phone has Google and GPS - even if both are contained as much as you can - Google will use GPS to locate your phone and link that to other data they collect about you.
So to answer the original question: You might be able to find GPS without Google, but with Google on your phone that won’t limit the amount of personal data you are sending to them.

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To avoid it you might consider using/e/.

… whenever that might be available on the Fairphone 3.


Thank you for your information. I use now osmand+.
It works lik my Garmin Gpsmap, without internet and Google.

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_phone_tracking

One method is triangulation based on cellID and strength of signal(s). Another use is using WiFi SSIDs.

MicroG allows to use either of these. /e/ uses microG. LineageOS with microG uses it as well. Android by default uses Google’s proprietary framework, and then you don’t have a choice for different backends.

If you have internet, https://www.ipleak.net might be able to give you an approximate based on your public IPv4 address. Usually that does not work well though.

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Does someone know whether it’s possible to use Mozilla Location Service with an Android phone?

They seem to have mapped Europe quite well so far with Cell / WiFi / Bluetooth…https://location.services.mozilla.com/

It is possible, and in fact it is widely used by users running Android setups without Google Apps and services (e.g. custom ROMs, microG, Fairphone Open OS on the Fairphone 2).
I don’t know whether it can be set up without root, though.

I use it myself with LineageOS for microG on the Fairphone 2, and I can’t complain about it.


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