Local stores selling Fairphone 4

Hey everyone, at first I would like to say thanks for being awesome and manufacturing the ethical and sustainable smartphone!

Since new Fairphone 4 is out and my current phone (used for 5 years) is not usable anymore due to the weak battery, I’m in need of new phone. Therefore I would like to buy new Fairphone as soon as possible.

Given that I’m planning to travel to the Netherlands, I was wondering:
When it will be possible to buy FP 4 in local Dutch stores? And in which stores, please? Will that be the fastest way of obtaining the new FP4?

I’m planning to buy 256GB version with 8GB RAM to be more future-proof, but if this version will come out later, I’m gonna get the 128GB version instead.

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I cannot help with any info about Dutch store availability (does Belsimpel run stores in the NL?), but just tonight a member of the German-language FB group (private group) reported that his local T-Mobile shop had the 128GB/6GB Fairphone 4 on stock. So at least it seems that the FP4 has arrived at some real bricks and mortar stores by now.


KPN also has the phone on their website now, “from 15 November”, but I don’t know whether they have them in their physical stores. You could ask them about it though, it might only be good for Fairphone if people ask resellers to see the phone in a store.


I’m surprised you were not directed to the following and this topic closed :slight_smile:


@kefas was directed to it by @urs_lesse


Thank you all for the replies, list of resellers is what I was looking for. Do you think that 256GB version will be available in those stores from 15th November?

That’s a big ask. If you check the official site there’s quite a delay.
I asked companies in the UK and they not optimistic. It’s best to ask the companies for updates.