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I have a FP2 and I already bought multiple spare parts. No problem in buying these but it hurts me each time to pay for the shipment. Would there be in the future some relay points where we could buy spare parts? (for instance in Paris :slight_smile:

Fairphone the company is not anywhere near big enough to have their own stores in different cities yet. They don’t even have a shop in Amsterdam, only an office.

But there are two things you could do:

  • Find a store near you that sells electronics and is interested in fair and sustainable devices and convince them to sell Fairphones and spare parts.
  • Get in contact with a #localcommunities near you and start organizing #groupbuy’s
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Spare parts for Fairphone are available online from Germany based shops. That at least lowers the shipping costs.
Memolife.de (Shipping: 5.95 up to 59.50 €; 4.45 up to 238 €; free from 238 € on; all to Germany).
Vireo.de (Shipping: 3.90 € to Germany) at the moment only top-modul and battery are listed.

Shipping to other countries at higher rates.

Beware: Prices for the modules may differ.
e.G. for the battery


Last but not least make sure you don’t buy spare parts when you are not to blame for a module’s failure within the period of warranty (1 year for the battery, 2 years for all other modules). If a module fails within those periods and it is not your own fault, you are entitled to get a free replacement under warranty.


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