Local repair shop in Rotterdam/the Hague area, Netherlands

Does anyone know a good local repair shop in the area of Rotterdam or the Hague (the Netherlands)?
Preferably with experience in repairing Fairphones.

When I tried replacing my Fairphone 3 camera to the FP3+ camera, the connector came lose on the other side. I haven’t been able to fix it after several attempts.
I also try to follow advise from this forum topic: Be careful with the connectors when replacing a module

Warranty already expired. So instead of sending my phone for repair to France I prefer going to a local repair shop.
I know there are several phone repair shops in the area, but I don’t know which have experience with Fairphone in particular.


There’s even a list of local repair shops here:


  • I haven’t found anything near Rotterdam or the Hague
  • The list is outdated

Still in case you’re able to find a good repair shop, feel free to add it to the list :slight_smile:

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Maybe see if there are Repair Cafés which are quite good overall.

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Last week I went to a repair shop in the Hague. The only wanted to replace the camera module, but when I told them that wasn’t the problem they said it is not repairable.

Today I went to a repair café in Delft. After inspection we found out that some components on the main board had come lose.
Someone from the staff tried to solder them back but because of their size it wasn’t possible to get them back correctly. So after the attempts the camera is still malfunctioning.

I’m afraid the only option left is to send the phone back to Fairphone, but looking at their price list the repair is quite expensive. I think it isn’t worth it for just the camera.

I don’t suppose you have images of the loose components or know what they are.

No unfortunately I didn’t take pictures and I don’t know what components they are. They are the tiny components below a piece of orange tape which are supposed to be stuck to the mainboard.

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