Local recycling options in Brussels or Belgium

Anyone from Belgium know about some place interested in an old-almost-not-working phone ? How do I get rid of my ex-ex-phone in an ethical and environment-friendly way ? Thanks so much !

Well, I am not from Brussels or even Belgium.
But I found this (quite old) blog-post:

Maybe some of the links are still accurate and helpful. :slight_smile:
(Zonzoo for example is bancrupt. :frowning:
recupel offers a page, where to find the next RecyclePoint:
https://www.recupel.be/en/where-to-go/# )

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Every supermarket, electronics shop or Recypark should have a Recupel box where you can drop off any broken electronics.
If it still works, it could be of interest to second-hand shops, but if the phone is too old I don’t think they will accept it.

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