Loads of FP2 Parts for Sale - SOLD

—Everything is SOLD—

Hi there.

My core module is faulty (SD-Cards can’t be read and sometimes call get aborded, even though there is good network) which is why I switched to a different phone. I am therefore selling a bunch of parts of my own phone and some that I bought as spares, but never used.

I have to offer:

2 x fully functional display modules (both have signs of use but no major scratch) - 30€ each - - - 1 left
1 x bottom module - 10€ - - - sold
1 x bottom module, functional but with a red water marker - 5€ - - - sold
2 x top modules - 10€ each - - - both sold
1 x 1st generation camera module - 5€
1 x core module (still working but with issues mentioned above) - 20€
1 x battery (must be over a year old, but still worked fine without any quick drainage until last week) 5€ - - - sold

I also have three cases in black translucent (chipped corner), turkoise (chipped corner) and dark blue(sold) that I could throw into the offer.

Basically you could get a mostly working Fairphone 2 for 80€, if you are able to fix the issue with the aborted calls.
I live in the UK and can send to Europe for 6€ per package.

I can add pictures of all parts, if requested and please ask questions if you have any!


IMG_20200629_211914 IMG_20200629_211932 IMG_20200629_212012 IMG_20200629_212025


I’m UK based and interested in buying both the bottom modules and battery if they’re still available? What do you mean by red water marker?



Are the top modules the new type (5MP camera)? If so, I’d be interested in one of them. Also in the UK.


One of the bottom modules I already have a buyer for, but he didnt yet reply which one he wanted. If you look closely on the photo, you can make out a dot hidden under the metal plate in the left corner of the module. On one its white, while the other has turned red. The change of colour indicates that water has enterd the phone at one point. But its still working without any problems as far as I can tell.
So far you can choose, which one you would like. :slight_smile:

And yes, top modules both have the 5mp camera

Thank you for getting back to me, I’ve sent you a direct message.

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