Loading battery: after some minutes loosing the connection


loading a FP2 with a rarely used power supply: after some minutes it feels like a loose connection (“Wackelkontakt”), the display is activated and the LED (as a signal of the loading process) is blinking in irregulary intervals.

Just a problem of the power supply? e.g. not wholly compatible with the Fairphone 2? [https://www.fairphone.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/List-of-Suppliers-June2017.pdf]


I assume it is yellow then and not red blinking due to being below 15% charge level?

So maybe until now you have tested another charger+cable and also tried to hook up the phone to a computers USB port?
Is the phone getting warm on the back side? (the charging process is internally interrupted if the temperature exceeds ~42°C)
Have you also tested any way of charging while the phone is powered down?

Please give us more input.

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