Living without Google 2.0 - A Google free FP2

Well I tried that and apart from the fact that I find the UI quite terrible I cannot dl the German-English files (which is almost the only ones I need). Is there a different alternative?

Thanks for that. I have before and I quite like it. So thanks for the apk link.

Btw: If I dl a app via a apk extractor, I will not be able to upgrad it, is that right? Because normally all the apps sync with playstore? So how usefule do you think that is?

Same thing happened to me, I also accidentally accepted once. I think it had something to do with updates for the respective app. I would also be interested in learning how to reverse that…

Damn … :confused: Mine is light-grey no matter the order. There re two options, deactivate and force quit. Is deactive sufficient or should I always force quit? And is there anything else I could try to disable the google play services?

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This worked for me too. Thanks for the link.

@OHarrra, did you try “Reset App preferences”? That did the trick for me. Go to Settings --> Apps —> three buttons in the upper right corner --> Reset app preferences. After that all GAPPS are enabled again and you start by disabling Google Play Services first and then everything else.

I usually clear data from the app first before disabling but I don’t think force quit is necessary…

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Thanks for the tip, unfortunately it remained light grey :confused:
google play services should be the first to be disabled?
In a linked threat I read a different order (not that it worked),
and I have not enough knowledge to go deeper in the


Da fuck?!?

Heyho, I finally managed to “ungoogle” my phone (the link from schept did help after a little getting into it)! Now I have a SD-card with my contacs, but none of them show :confused: Also I wanted to install the f-droid from the SD, but I got stuck there - I need an extractor, right? But how to to dl this and install it without the play store? Thank you so much for your help, living is learning öÖ …

You need to enable “unknown sources” in Settings > Security. Then you can install any .apk file, no extractor needed.

You’ll need to import them in the right format. What format do they have? What program did you export them with?

I did enable unknown sources, downloaded the .apk file from F-Droid and then I didn’t really know how to proceed. Phone was connected to PC, I can copy the file to the SD but then it needs a programm to open it. Do I have to copy it in a specific folder? Thanks so much
Oh, ok … the contacts were in vcard format - that cool?

Just use Amaze to navigate to the file and tap on it. Installation should start on it’s own then.

Same for contacts. Tap the file and a popup should appear asking you how you want to proceed. (I think :wink: )

It worked!! God damn it, it worked! xD (Both btw)

P.S.: There is a folder being created (LOST.DIR.) - is it important?


Hi, thanks for this great thread. I just got my FP2, and it’s my first smart phone, so apologies if I have very basic questions.

I’d like to de-google the phone before even using it, trying Method 3, haven’t put in SIM yet. I’ve downloaded fdroid to my computer, now trying to upload it to my phone, but I can’t find my phone on the computer (USB connected). Any suggestions? I’m afraid to remove google apps before I manage to add fdroid, afraid I’ll be left with nothing.

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Depending on which computer you use (linux, mac, windows) you need to change the USB connection setting (in the notification drawer once you plugged in your phone to your computer). Just try them all, choosing none is also an option.

Since deleting Gapps is not possible anyways there is no danger. You can always reenable disabled apps & services.

Thanks for speedy reply paulakreuzer. The second answer is reassuring.

For the first: I’m using Windows 7, have found the fairphone as a ‘device’ in the control panel, but can’t see any notifications, except ‘the device would perform faster with a USB 3.0’ when I plug it in.

I meant a notification on the phone. slide down from the top of the screen to see the notifications.
But if you already see the device on the PC then I guess you already have the right option chosen anyway.?

Thanks, found it now with help of housemate. I sent fdroid to the phone. 1 step done.

OK, I’ve sent fDroid to the phone, and rebooted the phone, but can’t find it anywhere. Again, first smart phone, don’t really know what I’m doing.

Even with Amaze?

Thanks again. Didn’t know what Amaze was.

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Amaze is the preinstalled file manager. You have to look for the right *.apk file. That’s an executable file like an *.exe on a PC. To run it, you only need to tap on it.