Living without Google 2.0 - A Google free FP2

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Ok, so apparently, this isn’t quite true:

They still encrypt your messages, but with another method. Nevertheless they abandonned the passphrase and changed it to pin/pattern. But the thing is, the pin/pattern is the same one you use when unlocking your device and you can’t change it, so this feature is essentially completetly useless.


Thanks for the sources, will take a deeper look later. But, according to the later link…

…this statement doesn’t seem to be accurate. A «random key stored in the Android keystore» is not the same thing as the user PIN. But anyway, I need to study the cryptography architecture of Signal to re-learn what’s this feature for (it must have a purpose).


Hello dear community,

I’d love to use my new Farphone 2 without the Google stuff that I find soooo invasive in privacy. I am defintly not a geek so I try to find tutorial to do so and got stuck… How to use my phone, the main daily apps without giving my full life to Google ?
There’s also a ethical confusion in my head to go for a Fairphone and still having to use Google everywhere…

Thank so much for your help/tips/ideas!


Here’s a starting point …


My fairphone runs fairly google-less. In particular, there is no Google search, no “Ok Google”, no Google maps, no Google PlayStore, no Google mail, no Google calendar, no Google account, no Google Apps (GAPPS).
My recipe:

  1. install Fairphone Open OS which replaces the default Fairphone OS. Official install instructions: https://code.fairphone.com/projects/fp-osos/user/fairphone-open-source-os-installation-instructions.html
  2. go to settings → developer options → root access and check “apps only”. (Yes, rooting your fairphone is this easy …) This is a necessary precondition for the next step.
  3. Use the included www browser firefox-klar to download f-droid from https://f-droid.org/ Install f-droid. This is an alternative app store. The apps listed in f-droid are not only google-less but also seriously open source.
  4. Download and install a set of google-less Alternatives to essential smartphone applications from f-droid:
    • Internet search: duckduckgo
    • email: K-9 Mail
    • calendar: etar + Todo Agenda + DAVx5 (in case your dates reside on an external calendar server)
    • navigation: OsmAnd and/or Maps
    • public transport: Transportr
    • instant messanger: conversation (You’ll need a XMPP account. I’d recommend wiuwiu.de . But there are viable alternatives)

If a particular app is not listed on f-droid you give yalp a try. This app provides anonymous access to apps on google-play without a google account.

I am quite happy with the above set of apps. Some work even better than the google equivalent…



Thank you for sharing your G-free settings ;D.

A privacy/Security issue about Duckduckgo found this Blog (in German).


Thann si much KaiMartin for your réponse and recipe ! I’ll definitly try this out ! I was afraid to root the phone as many people say it could damage the phone. But now I know how to do it clean :wink: