Living without Google 2.0 - A Google free FP2

Depends what country you are in. In the UK the Met Office app is well designed and comprehensive despite a dated design. I think you can get it on f-droid.

Priority would be Germany, though something that can also handle other countries would of course be even better :wink:

It does do Germany and probably any other country you can think of. Maybe you should also try asking on the German speaking forum?

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I’ve got my phone now as well, and am busy ungooglling it… Until now, I’m having the following issues:

The ‘disable’ button for Google Play Services is sometimes greyed out, sometimes not. If anybody knows when and why please let me know.

For me, it’s greyed out and I can’t disable. Is there any known trick to disable this app/service?

Anytime I Installed an F-Droid-app, the telephone gave me a notification. Forgot what it precisely was, but it involved google chekink app-integrity or something? I accidentally accepted. Does anybody know, how to change this setting (and maybe make sure, I don’t get the message in the future?



I (thought I) ungoogled my phone. Afterwards I installted AFWall (Firewall) and Facebook (but NOT the messenger). In my normal Firewall-settings FB ist noch permitted to access the internet. But if somebody writes a FB-Message, it pops up as a notificatin. I can’t open the message, as I don’t have the app.
How do I stop FB getting all the messages? I also have the App Autostarts and have tried to disable FB everywhere.
Ist it Google Play Services that snoops around???

Ok, I found the trick via this practical ungoogling website (focused on Android 6.0)

Key is the order in which you disable apps. I enabled Google Play Store, GOogle Drive and Google account manager (just guess-work) and suddenly I could disable Google Play Services.


Another issue after ungoogling my phone ( I have the Google Framework and Play Services running but all Google apps apart from the Play store are disabled): casting a short video with Chromecast was awful. Both picture and sound are very scrambled. I am not sure though whether this is actually related to de-Googling or should just go under the general issues thread?

So I also tried ungoogling my FP2 as much as possible. A few apps that I couldn’t replace with F-Droid that I wanted to have nontheless (SoundCloud, EasyEyes and stuff like that) I sent to my phone via bluetooth after having extracted the .apk on my tablet using Apk Extractor (only available on the Play Store so that’s kind of a weird workaround)

SoundCloud tells me that I have to update Google Play Services for it to run, I tap “update” and nothing happens, but the app works perfectly :wink:

Since I disabled Google Services Framework I keep getting the message that Google Play Services crashed. That’s a little tedious, does anyone know how to get rid of that? Can’t disable Google Play Services itself…

And Osmand is annoying as hell (to be quite honest it has always been to me, horrible user interface imho), this time because I can’t download the world base map. The download always gets stuck at 1%, no matter if I’m on wifi or cellular network. Has anyone made the same experience?

As a gallery app I am using Quickpic, same “trick” with Apk Extractor and bluetooth, could’nt find a good alternative on F-Droid

If you’re in need of a good dictionary app like I am, I found a seemingly trustworthy link to the APK of, couldn’t find a good dictionary on F-Droid.


Here it is on F-Droid.

Such nonsense messages could be stopped with root and XPosed.

I also got that until I disabled Google Play Services, when I was connected to the internet. Did you try this:

I quite like QuickDic. It stores dictionaries offline, but of course doesn’t know as many words as large online dictionaries.


oui oui, bien sûr !
Ce n’est pas du tout ce que j’avais demandé mais juste celui au-dessous duquel j’avais répondu.
Je ne savais pas encore à ce moment là que les posts se suivent par ordre chronologique et non par “postant”…
1000 excuses pour cette confusion, je n’aurais jamais pensé demander un travail pareil !
J’ai même honte que tu aies pu croire ça !

T’inquiètes, je t’en veux pas :wink: et désolée que je n’ai plus répondu à grand chose depuis - j’ai eu un entretien d’embauche et j’en aurai la suite la semaine prochaine - bien important pour moi. Du coup, pas beaucoup de temps… A+

Hooray, it worked! I managed to disable Google Play Services. The link that schept posted helped me a lot. I had to enable aaaaall the GAPPS again and then when I tried disabling Google Play Services first thing it finally worked.

I now remember why I didn’t look for App Extractor on F-Droid, because I thought I had to use a googelized device to download and extract apps from the Play Store. But after two more days of reading on the forum I’m gonna try evozi next, thanks, community!

I’ll try out QuickDic soon, so far I’m quite happy I found :))


BTW if there still is the need I would like to offer my french skills to translate the wiki post. I’m not a native speaker but I would give it a shot. I would just need some help with specific terms like “rootable”, “compiling” etc. … :wink: Anyone interested in doing that together?

Well I tried that and apart from the fact that I find the UI quite terrible I cannot dl the German-English files (which is almost the only ones I need). Is there a different alternative?

Thanks for that. I have before and I quite like it. So thanks for the apk link.

Btw: If I dl a app via a apk extractor, I will not be able to upgrad it, is that right? Because normally all the apps sync with playstore? So how usefule do you think that is?

Same thing happened to me, I also accidentally accepted once. I think it had something to do with updates for the respective app. I would also be interested in learning how to reverse that…

Damn … :confused: Mine is light-grey no matter the order. There re two options, deactivate and force quit. Is deactive sufficient or should I always force quit? And is there anything else I could try to disable the google play services?

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This worked for me too. Thanks for the link.

@OHarrra, did you try “Reset App preferences”? That did the trick for me. Go to Settings --> Apps —> three buttons in the upper right corner --> Reset app preferences. After that all GAPPS are enabled again and you start by disabling Google Play Services first and then everything else.

I usually clear data from the app first before disabling but I don’t think force quit is necessary…

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Thanks for the tip, unfortunately it remained light grey :confused:
google play services should be the first to be disabled?
In a linked threat I read a different order (not that it worked),
and I have not enough knowledge to go deeper in the


Da fuck?!?

Heyho, I finally managed to “ungoogle” my phone (the link from schept did help after a little getting into it)! Now I have a SD-card with my contacs, but none of them show :confused: Also I wanted to install the f-droid from the SD, but I got stuck there - I need an extractor, right? But how to to dl this and install it without the play store? Thank you so much for your help, living is learning öÖ …