Live Video from phone to Facebook?

Hello fellow FP1 users! I would love to be able to do live streaming video from my phone direct to Facebook for my work as a yoga teacher, but I can’t see any option to do this on my FP1 like there is on my friend’s Samsung. Is this because Fairphone 1 is no longer getting OS upgrades (so still on Android pre 4.4) or am I missing something? I know it’s a relatively new function on Facebook (perhaps introduced in 2016) so perhaps I need to upgrade to FP2 for this option?

You need to find out the system requirements for this feature. Then you or we will be able to tell whether FP1 is capable.

Thanks Stefan, can you tell me how to do that? (I’m not terribly technically competent :frowning: )

Use your favourite search engine (or any other). :wink: For example: Which Facebook app version do you need, which Android version, etc.

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