Little problem with Fairphone and Google Cardboard

I got a Google cardboard set from a friend and it was not too complicated to assemble. I got everything working, but when using a VR app, the virtual reality is constantly moving when it’s supposed to stay on the same spot as long as I don’t move my head.

Anyone experienced that, too? Or got an idea where the problem may be and how to fix it? If I was to guess, one of the sensors needs to be calibrated but I don’t know where/how. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I checked with AndroSensors and the values that are coming from the gyroscope are constantly at around -2°/s for the x and y axes but near 0 for the z axis. Sounds a little like a hardware problem to me if I was to guess. Tried some searching the web but it seems I just have to live with it. Bummer.

I tried Google Cardboard with someone’s Nexus 5.
It’s a cute glimpse into what VR can be but the demos I tried were a bit laggy, even on a Nexus 5, so I would expect slightly poorer performance on the FP1. Also, the Nexus 5 is a full HD (1080p display) device. With FP1’s qHD display, I think the experience is compromised by the fact that your pixel density is simply too low.

I agree that it’s not really a killer feature on the FP1. As you said, even for full HD I didn’t find it too overwhelming (saw it on a S3).

It’s just that I don’t like it if things don’t work :slight_smile:

Yeah I get that. It is a cool concept, and it worked surprisingly well even though it’s immediately obvious it’s little more than a gimmick.

I have the same problem. So it’s not limited to your phone. I have been looking for a solution but haven’t found one. Have you? I hoped this was fixable by calibrating something somewhere in the phone’s settings but it doesn’t look like it is…

No, sorry, I didn’t investigate further.

Is it just me or does the magnet switch not work?

It did in my case. But you need to find out the exact location. It definitely did not work in the cut out area. Can’t remember where exactly I had to move the magnet, I didn’t keep the cardboard.

Actually, indeed, sometimes it works…
I checked the magnetic sensor using the “Sensor Box for Android” and "Sensors Sandbox"and especially when a magnet is close the values seem erratic.

I have the same problem: button is not working.
It would help to know the exact position of the magnet sensor on the phone.
Can anybody help?

The new cardboard uses neatly designed button to actually trigger a touch event. That should work with any phone. Now we would just need to design a trigger. :smile:

I got a cardboard clone myself today and will investigate this. Will try to update here if i find a solution.