Little help in Geneva?

Hi Everyone,

Just got a fairphone and I am not particularly knowledgeable/handy about phone usage and setting it up. All I know is that I do not want to let google run my phone… I saw several posts online on how to root android but unsure which tuto to follow, and not confident in doing so by myself.
Is there anyone in Geneva who could help me? I would be grateful to learn as I am doing.

(PS: I speak french too)


There are some #fairphoneangels in Switzerland and France. Maybe that would be an option. Simply follow the link and look at the map. :slight_smile:

Check at

As the fairphone is based on Android = Google, you might miss a lot of nice features by not having a google account. It might be more efficient to struggle companies (including google) which do not have a minimum of respectability.

I disagree. I have been using a Google-free phone for almost 3 years and I don’t miss any feature. There are many good alternatives and it is also possible to have a custom rom with as little Google as you need (if you need, which I don’t) with Open Gapps. This helps control what you send to Google and to optimize the battery (in most cases), even if you use some Google apps or services.

Also, this is not exactly true:

Check this for example.
Wikipedia also gives some info about the AOSP (Android Open Source Project), which is the core source code on which is based Android (in his different versions). Google develops Android and releases the core source code, but the Google-version of the OS adds Google apps, google services, etc (see the picture on my link to Fairphone’s website).

You are right that Google provides a lot of nice features, but some people prefer to use open source alternatives for many different reasons. And you can go from a total Google-free OS to an OS with just what you need from Google.


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