Listening music via USB?

With a trivial mp3-player (such as iPod) I can connect to the hifi at home via USB and listen music. That does not work with my fp2. I already checked the four different USB-settings available in fp2.
Any ideas about that?

It should be possible if you store your music on your external SD card and select the USB option “Mount SD card”.


Hi Irina,
thank you. Sorry, that I wasn’t precise enough. I tried to listen to a radio stream.

For this, you will need either an audio cable (jack) or bluetooth audio.
Ipod is definitely not a trivial player, and the ipod connector is not USB, it includes several functions in the same proprietary cable.


Thank you for clarification!

Does your hifi set have any specifications regarding supported protocols on the USB cable? This feels like it’s using an Apple specific one as all protocols listed in the settings of the FP2 just transfer files instead of a sound stream.
Note that most other Android phones support exactly the same USB protocols as the FP2 does.

Hi there.

I can listen to music, podcasts and streaming channels via USB with a USB speaker. I works both with my Fairphone 2 and with my wife’s phone (different brand). So I’d guess it’s an issue of your hifi equipment.


Interesting !
Could you give us the reference of your usb speaker ? Are you using an OTG cable ?
Or maybe the speaker integrates an otg connector.

It’s a Phillips AS360. It allows me to connect my Fairphone through a jack cable (although it fails sometimes), bluetooth or USB connector (sorry, I’m not an expert in connectors. I can’t tell you which type it is exactly).

Works also with my Focal XS speakers. Nothing to configure, I connect the USB and it works immediately (using VLC on Fairphone, OS 1.6.2).

Well, i looked for information about this speaker on Philips website, they say that audio input is via audio jack or bluetooth.
According to their documentation, the micro USB port is only used for charging.
So i guess your audio might not actually go through USB.

If for some reason you need to listen music via USB, i would suggest using one of the 2 soundcards that were successfully tested with the FP2 by the community :


  • PCM2704-powered sound-card

Reported by @retsifp. At least 3.5mm output works, and the three buttons (vol +/-, mute) are active.
TOSLINK and S/PDIF outputs untested, but likely to work.

  • HiFime DIY 9018D

I’m not a Phillips vendor, so I can only say it works. I plug my Fairphone in the USB connector and the sound goes through the speaker. No cables and no apparent bluetooth connection.

Focal XS speaker does include an USB soundcard, so thanks for reporting its compatibility with FP2 !
For the philips, might be an useful and undocumented feature.
Which type of cable are you using ?

According to Phillips AS360 manual, any Android >4.2 phone with micro USB (FP2 meets these requirements) can be connected by USB to play sounds:

Nice idea, thanks for sharing.

I tend to believe this is not interesting for FP1 users unless someone wants to use an additional cable adaptor. Furthermore I again can see from my technical point of view how users tend to stress/break their usb sockets.
Don´t take it personal. :+1:

I think everyone here stating it would work flawless with FP2 are talking about having an extra sd card inserted and the usb setting “Mount SD card” active to have access to their music files.
I could not think of any other way to make it work directly with a dedicated device. Using mtp would need an appropriate driver to be installed. Apple´s usb socket seems to be some more generic.

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