Listening music in my car

I’ve associated my fairphone 3 to my car (new Fiat 500) by Bluetooth.
Listening to music is running but I cannot see the title of the tracks, the track duration and operate tracks selection. The screen of my FIAT always display fairphone 3.

Is it possible to customise that ?


Could that depend on the app you’re using to play the music?
I mean, just try a different (free) music app and see if it works there.

But I have a vague feeling that it also depends on the sound system of the car. Does it work differently with other devices in the same car?

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With my old samsung S4 device it runs well with my Fiat500.
I’ve installed 3 apps and the result is same.


I have the same issue with my FP3 and an Alfa Romeo Mito. Also - if I connect the phone via bluetooth to the radio - I am unable to start a track via the carradio. I have to start the first track via the FP3. After that I can control the songs via the radio. (jump to the next / previous…)

I had same issue with my Alpine Bluetooth receiver CDE-134BT and it was resolved with Bluetooth firmware upgrade on Alpine unit. Maybe you can check if there is Bluetooth firmware update for you car stereo.

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Bluethooth is not just one thing:
Build-in audio systems in cars are often very basic equipped. The manufactures just advertising “bluetooth” and not what is in reality possible to do with it. My car is also equipped with bluetooth and all I am able to do is having phonecalls. The car industry was very lazy with this standard.
As @mcdaniels mentioned: ask your car dealer if there is an update available for your audio controller. Doubble check in a car forum by asking the community. It is likely that they are more experienced as the car dealerships.


Thanks for the responds. Perhaps I will do so. But (as often) it is no problem for me to start it the other way.

As @Elkrasso said, it is not only a thing of FP. It is a problem with the manufactures of the caraudio itself.

I just wanted to point out, that I also got a little trouble with bluetooth. :wink:

It is a nice gimmick to hear music on the caraudio via the FP3, but I also have an USB-Stick I use. Luckily the manufactures of my caraudio did a good job here. :wink:

The killerfeature for me is to use it to phone (the caraudio connected to the FP3). This works like a charm.

So, all is good.


As @mcdaniels said, thank you for all responds
The audio controller works fine with my old samsung, that’s why I thought FP3 is not good enough. I will try the firmware update if I can because it’s a leasing car. I also have issue when I listen to music by bluetooth (samsung and FP3) often the music runs faster or slower. That’s should come from the car system.


The audio car system has been updated yeasterday.
Now, I cannot attached by bluetooth my FP3 and the car, but I can manage and listen tp music through USB.
I’ve raised this information to the FP support, I hope thay will fix it.