List: Fairphone with mobile phone Contract (all countries)

This topic is for collecting information - facts and unconfirmed rumors - on providers in Europe / all countries that offer FP2 in combination with a mobile contract. There are a lot of people (e.g. students) for whom the FP2 is too expensive to buy on one go, and who could / would be interested in this.


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Rumor: I read somewhere that there is a mobile phone company in UK that will offer the FP2 together with a contract. (could not find the post any more).
Who knows more about this? What are the conditions etc?

The Phone Coop (also offered FP1) is offering the FP2, delivery from January - details here.
KPN offered the FP1, and will offer the FP2, if it passes testing. Corporate press release in dutch here.

Edit: @Stefan: Would this work better as a wiki (Yes, I know there’s a list on, but this doesn’t seem to be a customer-oriented list). Also, does this fit the Road Map category, or is it actually Cafe?

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Thanks. But as far as I see both offers are financing models without contracts though, is that correct?

Re. moving this topic:
tnx for your suggestions, but I don’t want it as a café topic. I compared the topics in the road map group with e.g. topics in help group etc. and think it is best put here.


What will it cost?

A deposit of £30 will secure your Fairphone 2 for you. Stock will
be allocated on a first come first served basis. The full cost will
be around £395 (incl VAT) but there will be options to get it as
part of a contract (from £25 per month) with us

And KPN isn’t confirmed, but if they do sell the FP2 it would be strange for them not to offer it with a contract, given their business model so far.



Apparently T-Mobile is interested in offering the FP2 in Austria. Since they are the German national provider, this might lead to T-Mobile offering the FP2 in Germany too (this is pure speculation).

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I just updated the opening post, we have one confirmed offer for FP2 with mobile contract (UK). If someone wants to start a wiki post go ahead! :slight_smile:

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I always love when people spell “Co-Op” as “Coop”, giving me the mental picture of a multi-branch banking company run entirely by chickens in casual business wear.


The only thing you should know, about the UK Phone Co-op, currently there is no 4G option, but they are working on it. I’ve been told they are trying to get this resolved for the end of the year. So just so you know!

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@Chris_R thank you, I added that to the opening post.

Are there any FP-users from France here by any chance who would know about possible French FP2-contract-options? (asking for a friend)