Links must tap several times, before they start

Hello Fairphone-Team,

I have´nt found my problem in the forum, therefore I start a new topic. Basically I am very contented with the FP, but there is a thing which disturbs me, when I click a link, it happens quite often, that I must tap this several times, before they start. I have already tried out all possible, but even with quite big written settings, it´s not working always. Maybe the screen must be changed…? I would be very grateful for feedback and help, because the mentioned problem is unfortunately very annoying.




I notified this effect also at my Fairphone 1U and I think this is just a side effect of this issue. I think that your tabs will be interpreted as drags. I’m afraid that the only thing we can do is trying to tab “more static” ;).



This is a community forum, so it is not very likely that you will get an official answer of the FP team.

The topic, @Shiny pointed out, is the one I was thinking of, when I read your post. It also annoys me sometimes, but hopefully it can be fixed in a software update and is not hardware-dependent.


The FP software team have been made aware of the bug (which I think has been correctly identified as a software issue). So stayed tuned for updates as and when we find out what’s happening with this.


Thanks for your Feedback. And yes, I know that this is a community Forum…;o)

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