Lined Screen, cause and solution?

I have a FP1 since last December and from yesterday night the quality of the screen lowered down: small parallel lines appeared all along the screen. I can still visualise everything but it appears a little bit out of focus because of the lines.
What could be the cause? and what do you suggest to do?

By now I only tried to switch the phone off and on, but nothing changed.

Thank you!

Can you send us a screenshot?

To make a screenshot, press and hold volume down and power.

If they are not visible on the screenshot, it is probably a hardware problem.


I tried to visualise the screenshot on my laptop and the picture is not lined. What do you suggest me to do?

If you did not drop your phone or expose it to water, extreme heat, etc., – i short, if it is unlikely you damaged the screen yourself, you should still be covered by warranty.

I would suggest you photograph your screen and contact Fairphone support through the official channels ( and supply them the photograph.


If you want to try to fix this yourself, you could head over to iFixit, open your device and try to see if the display connectors are OK, and use some pressurised air to blow out dust particles which might have accumulated.

Cave, I wouldn’t do this myself during the warranty period: the display unit is not nicely accessible. I envy the future FP2-owners.