LineageOS: Problems with location / GPS


I own a Fairphone 2 which turns 3 years old very soon. While I was very close to scrap it / sell it due to battery and stability issues a friend of mine installed LinageOS. This saved my phone, it is much more stable and everything works EXCEPT a location issue.

I was not able to use location services anywhere (google maps, Open Streetmaps, DB Navigator). I searched the foum and i installed unifiedNlp and some Mozilla location service backend. I am not much into these issues, so I just tried what I have been told in the forums

I am able to locate myself on Open streetmaps, however it takes very long. All the other apps are unable to locate me

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem? I really want to keep LinageOS and the Fairphone itself, but I also really need those location services.



What flavor of los do you use? With Google playstore or microG?

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Hi, I am able to use the google play store.

So i guess you can use Google location services. So, installing additional services might break things, but honestly, no idea. I’m using opengapps an l and can use location services without problems (except maybe Google can, too…}
Perhaps you might consider removing the additional apps and to a rom reinstall work would /system prior. Maybe somebody else had a better idea?

Thanks Klaus! It seemed to be some setting. I put all settings on default and nw it works.

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