LineageOS on FP3+ is disappointing, is /e/ any better ? Should I go back to Google?

Hey there,

After installing /e/ on my FP2 with great success and using it for 2 years, I figured I’d give a try to LineageOS on my FP3+. Little did I know that I would have an extremely frustrating time to the point that I would need to get some irl help + use a microsoft computer instead of my apple laptop.

All of this, to experience some random discomforts on the daily use of the phone :

  • Everything is too small in so many apps, can’t zoom in to have a larger interface, I’m already at max. When I’m on discord, whatsapp, signal, any writing app I feel like I’m losing half of my sight, hating it everytime ;
  • The light management algorithm sucks so hard. It’s getting better with usage I guess, but still getting randomly flashed in the face when using it in stable light environnement ;
  • The phone is empty and there is already 13 go of system used, 20% of total capacity, which is huge ! I had really bad experience in the past with SD cards, don’t wanna use them again… but 20% off of storage is already a bad start.
  • Resize photo function randomly doesn’t work sometimes, the save function must be bugged.

I’m carressing the idea to switch to /e/ but I have no idea how these malfunctions are going to be improved. Plus, I checked the process to install it and it seems way more complicated than what I did on my FP2. Specfically, all the early part to connect the computer to the phone, which was 70% of the troubleshoot we experienced to install LineageOS. Giving all my data back to Google seems to be a more and more attractive solution.

Anyone went through this process, what did you do in the end?

Thanks !

If you pre format the SD card or ensure it is formatted as Portable in the phone you should be fine . . .

On the Google side, a) you do not need a Google account to set up the phone and b) you can use adb quite easily to de-google the stock OS. I did it from a Raspberry pi


Which LOS (Android) Version and Build do you use, its difficult to compare without knowing. Do you use pure LOS or LOS4MicroG or LOS with minimal GApps?

not sure this is due to LOS and such things are more likely due to the Android version.

adaptiv brightness is a problem overall and this is also not necesarily related to LOS and LOS has fixed issues when FPOS had severe issues

I doubt this would differ (a lot if at all) with e/OS (which is btw based on LOS). My system storage with Iode is 9,9GB. Yes on the FP2 with FPOS its only 4,7 however I’m not sure if you can compare this as the FP2 is a complete different device

not sure what you mean here or which camera App do you use? Did you try another camera app like e.g. OpenCamera?

Did you check the Murena Forum for known issues with current version to see if your problems are not the same with e/OS?

for the FP3 there is the easy installer to help with installation, did you have a look at this?

not sure what you are reffering to exactly?

most connection issues are LaptopOS related not Fairphone OS related. Mac is often more tricky from what I read here in the forum and Windows 10 often has driver problems.



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I would certainly recommend you check out the /e/ users’ forum (which of course is not limited to FP users - far from it!)

Like you I have been very happy with /e/ on my FP2 and am looking to move to /e/ on my FP3 as well, but doing some preparatory work and don’t have much time at the moment. However, /e/ certainly shares some problems from Lineage, so you’re right to have a good look before you jump.


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