LineageOS MicroG FP3+ missing updates

Hey guys,

I am using LineageOS MicroG version on my FP3+.
Since Jan 27 there are no updates available.
I’m missing updates. (Apart from missing a fully working GCM)

Does anyone know why?
I couldn’t find an answer on the web.

Do I have to apply the standard lineage OS and then modifying it by installing microg manually?


Same here, no updates yet.
I am not too worried as there is no new image of lineageOS microG for FP3 since 27/01

I don’t know how much time it usually takes…

As you can see here, since 5th of february there are no new updates generated at all. They aren’t generated regulary so we have to patient. But apart from february security updates there wouldn’t be much difference anyway.

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Thank you guys!

I was just interested because LineageOS without Microg get’s updated every week as you can see here.

So I wonder who is generating the MicroG version of Lineage and what are further updates depending on…

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