LineageOS is adding Device Requirements for Offical Lineage 15 builds

Lineage OS is working to improve the quality off official Lineage OS 15 builds and added some requirements for Official Lineage 15 builds:

I personally like the idea! Not all requirements must be met, some (only) should be implemented. The musts include (for example):

  • Audio playback of media files
  • Phone calls (If it’s a phone ;-))
  • Emergency calls with and without SIM
  • Software encryption
  • Hardware encryption if the stock rom supports that
  • SELinux must be enabled
  • Cameras and Video recording
  • Bluetooth

I do not see an issue with those on the current Fairphone 2 Lineage OS build, so I am optimistic.

What do you think about that? Will they pose a risk for an offical Lineage OS 15 port on Fairphone 2?


Seems ok. Personally, I find important that dependencies are not to to ship bindings to some funny *-framework. Also, exceptions exists, for devices, which cannot offer certain capabilites.

For me personally, I still don’t understand “All devices MUST NOT ship with su included.” On the other hand, “All devices MUST support su installation via LineageOS provided ‘Extras’ download.” at least, so working setups will be easily available.

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What’s the goal? I understand Google’s goal to go for minimal hardware so it runs well but LOS? Is it for companies who ship LOS?

I hope they do take into account some devices which are not smartphones like tablets and TVs and such. I can also imagine some people rather not prefer to have hardware with GPS, or have support for GPS in OS. But it can also be toggled off. A good way to toggle something off for sure is hardware-wise (killswitch <3) but if that doesn’t work and you’re never going to need it just not having the driver enabled at all is better than having a toggle option. Maybe some other privacy-minded people have better insight on this one.

The thing with su being installed is it can be detected by applications like Netflix, and they don’t like that.

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They do, just read the document (or just search in it for “tv” or “tablet”) :wink: .


Yes I saw on the bottom, but I’m not sure if its enough. I haven’t even considered putting LOS on my TV haha.

My take is that we’ll have to see the initial response from vendors and the like, and then we’ll have to observe if there’s a long-term benefit from this.

It’s more of a brand thing, I believe. Users should be able to expect certain functionality and quality when using a Offical Lineage Os build.


My parents have a Sony Android TV and seeing this total mess I’m very convinced I don’t want to have Android TV :slight_smile: .
Perhaps LineageOS on a TV is not such a bad idea, it can’t be any worse than stock Android TV (at least on this 1 Sony I know).

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@ben yeah I guess that’s the goal. Similar to Google’s then with Android. It makes some sense.

I don’t think I’m getting any (meaningful) updates on my Android TV. I can’t find HBO app either. I would like to run LOS on my Philips TV but yeah I’d need to be able to run Netflix and Prime on it. Those are the only 2 apps I actually use. Although I could run Netflix over Chromecast as well, it is generally just more work. 5-10 or more seconds more time till it runs is easily a waste of time. I already notice the difference between changing channels on raw DVB-C versus the receiver (which is quicker, but takes 15 sec till it is started. It also has Netflix app (and the HBO app), but either just take too long till I get to start them).

And for people who don’t wanna use Android TV for privacy reasons a Chromecast doesn’t make any sense either.

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Hmm, I am not sure. I know people that do not want smart TVs since that the manufacturer can track everythink you do: When is it powered off and on, what channel (and what’s currently running), how long, do you zapp? Then there are sensors (light) and microphones in some TVs. With a Chromecast, Google knows what you cast, but you can watch TV (via DVB-T2, for example) without Google, or Samsung knowing what you do. You can unplug the Chromecast when you don’t need it and still have a working TV.

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Lineage OS 15.1 aka Android 8.1 has been released today.
We hope to see soon the version for fairphone 2.


Are there any rumors out there for a release of Lineage OS 15.1 for FP2?
Very curious…


There are rumors that it’s a lot of work :wink: Lineage OS == No ETA!



Sorry, I don’t know the difference, so unfortunately, I cannot imagine the workload…
But nevertheless or because of that… huge thanks for your effort and work you are putting into it to make official lineage happen for FP2!


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