LineageOS install stuck on boot screen

Hello there,

As I just got myself a Faiphone for Christmas, I wanted to install LineageOS on it. However, I’m having trouble doing that.


I installed TWRP 3.2.1 on the phone without problems, and copied the Lineage install package, on the phone’s internal memory.

Then I basically followed the official LineageOS install docs : wipe system, cache and data. Install the ZIP file (which TWRP did without errors), and reboot.

At this point, the phone has no memory card and no SIM cards plugged in.


After rebooting the phone, it stays stuck on the LineageOS boot animation (curved line with the dot going from right to left). Nothing else happens. I know the very first boot can take a while, but I’ve let it run a few times for several hours without seeing anything else.

I’d like to give more info but my Android debugging knowledge stops at using ADB. If there’s a tool I can use to have more details I’m always happy to learn.

The only thing I can think of that I did differently from the docs is that I copied the OS image on the internal storage instead of /sdcard. If you guys think it could be the reason I guess I’ll go buy an SD Card to check!

Thank you in advance to any tip you could have.


What about installing using adb sideload?


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Oh thanks for the tip, that actually did it :thumbsup:! Although the phone is really acting weird, randomly rebooting, can’t connect to any Wifi network… and that with both Lineage and the stock OS.

I think I’ll just return it :confused:

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