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:uk: Good morning, everyone,

I just have a question about lineageos, in trust to the security patches part android I have two sub-category called platform, and another called provider, I would like to know what they mean by provider? And how to update it because this part is at month obsolete for several months…

PS: I also have a lot of updates (one every day that is only 368mo each time), I guess there’s nothing worrying about that it just feels weird compared to a classic version where updates are only a few drops.

thank you in advance to all of you

:fr: Bonjour à tous,

J’aurais simplement une question concernant lineageos, dans trust à la partie correctifs de sécurité android j’ai deux sous catégorie appellé plateforme, et une autre appellé fournisseur, j’aimerais savoir ce qu’ils entendent par fournisseur ? Et comment le mettre à jour car cette partie est chez mois obsolète depuis plusieurs mois …

PS : j’ai également beaucoup de mises à jours ( une toute les jours qui ne fait que 368mo à chaque fois ), je suppose qu’il n’y a rien d’inquiètant là dedans ça me fait simplement bizarre par rapport à une version classique où les mises à jours sont au compte gouttes.

Merci d’avance à tous

The security patch level which is more current is given for Android, which in the case of LineageOS is maintained by the LineageOS community.

The security patch level which is lagging behind is given for the #modemfiles, i.e. the drivers for the phone’s hardware, which were maintained by the hardware vendors, mainly Qualcomm. Since Qualcomm don’t support Android 7 for the Fairphone 2’s Snapdragon 801 themselves, it seems currently unclear what can or cannot be expected in the future in that regard.

LineageOS had a weekly update schedule, until recently …

However, LineageOS for microG remains on a weekly update schedule for now.

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