LineageOS download challenge (over 1650 installations!)

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LineageOS has 1000+ active installs on FP2!!!







What about the FP2 installs from lineage.microg.org? Are they accounted for in these graphs?


Yes, they are also accounted for the graphs.

You can find more details on the statistics website:


Great. Seems like a lot of people don’t upgrade their firmware?


Ha cool, didn’t know that detailed statistics were available again. They hadn’t been working for a long time.

Edit: Looking at these statistics, I think that they can tell us a lot about the overall distribution of FP2 over the countries. For example if we assume 100,000 FP2 sold altogether, there would be around 3,500 in Austria and 35,000 in Germany.


They create a new version once per week. Even if it contains no changes (ok, that doesn’t happen too often). I usually only update to the version that contains the monthly security fixes and skip the other ones.


Congrats with the >1000 installs!


I just noticed my firewall blocked the updater (but only since June)… Now the newest version will have one more download. :slight_smile:



There has been a little spike so we are in a all-time high at the moment. Interestingly, the stats count 69 15.1-YYYYMMDD-UNOFFICIAL-FP2 installs.


Wicked mental dope! :slight_smile:


The spike is the reinstallations of 15.1, I think.


Worth a mention … LineageOS asks for permission to phone home when freshly installed. I turn that off everytime, of course, so my installation probably doesn’t count.

To change that setting later on 15.1 go to Settings - Security & privacy - Trust - LineageOS statistics - Stats collection.
You can preview the transmitted data there, too (it’s filed under “Trust” for a reason :slight_smile: ).


Just checked the stats…Seems like they do not Count the 15.1 installs… at least till now there are just some 15.1 “unofficial” registered, no nightlies





What’s going on? Is this reliable?



Here another lineageOS switcher, I couldn’t wait anymore on FP releasing Android 7.1…
Thank you all for explaining this migration process on this forum and on the LineageOS wiki, didn’t know that this process was so incredible simple!

It’s running so smooth, so much better than Android 6.0, what a delight!
Thank you developers!


Update (stagnation since last month). Btw it’s been a year of official LOS and FP2 is amongst the Top200 phones with LOS (places 187 atm). (Source)