LineageOS 21 FP4

I see LineageOS now has a 21.0 version for FP4. Don’t see it on the website but my phone is talking about this upgrade being manual.
Anyone tried it or/and tried a dirty upgrade?

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I see it or do you mean the installation instructions? In the past that was always manual and not OTA…def back-up your data


I mean the 20.0 FP4 site doesn’t tell you to go to 21. Which is usual with a new release.

and FP4 isn’t listed on the 21.0 site at the same place.

In the past, whilst not guaranteed, upgrading LineageOS versions usually works without blanking data partitions.

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Dont know the page you link to, I only know the sources (lisiting all change logs including 21)


Great to see the FP4 as one of the first devices that get the new LineageOS 21.


I installed Lineageos 21 manually yesterday afternoon and have had no problems so far and I haven’t lost any of my data either.


i just followed the instructions and everything works just fine, installed gapps and magisk, google pay still works. new splash is borring but you dont need to see that so often.


Does the update of Lineage update “recovery” on FP4?
Or can your/should you manually update recovery?

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Good question, it looks like the recovery is included in the Lineageos nightly fp4 signed zipfile. I just upgraded my phone without replacing the recovery and booting into the recovery now says it’s version 21.

The update instructions don’t prescribe manually updating the recovery and in all of about five minutes of using the phone after the upgrade i haven’t run in to any issues.


I think lineage always updates the recovery. During normal updates you always need to reflash magisk.

@Stryker, @davidzx, @qha, could you tell us please what your experiences with LineageOS 21 are so far? Any interesting differences, improvements or bugs?

There is a digital wellbeeing section in settings that offers a bedtime mode for turning the screen monochrome at night (and restricting what calls get through but that was already available elsewhere in settings). So far i think it has made it slightly easier to put the phone away at night. It also shows a bit of statistics about my phone like how much time i use different apps, number of unlocks and notifications during the day. There are various other things in there like focus mode and heads up that i haven’t tried.
I just noticed that there seems to be no way to turn off location accuray any more but it seems that was gone in Lineageos 20 too.
Apart from that i think everything works as before.

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Just a note, using the method on Lineage’s Website it updated with my existing data just fine for me too.

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Another change i noticed but didn’t remember in my last post is that the notification about battery charged to 90% (if you’ve set a limit under charging control) can now be dismissed while the charger is still connected. There might be another notification related to this that previously could not be dismissed but i can’t think of it right now.

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It’s been working for me without any problems so far, all the apps I need are running without any problems. My experiences have been good, I haven’t noticed any differences so far (but I didn’t pay enough attention). I didn’t notice any errors.

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I updated day one because I thought the clone app feature was included and I got disappointed that it was not.
Anyways, I followed the instructions on LineageOS’s website to dirty upgrade and noticed two problems.

The first one is heavy lag in a lot of animations related to the “recent apps” view.

The second one is that as soon as I swipe down the status bar which shows notifications then swipe up to hide notifications, then I don’t have any icon on the left side of my status bar even though they should. Note, this only happens if you have the clock on the right side, not if you have it on the left side.

I thought maybe these problems would be solved if I did a full reinstall so I just did that, and nope, I still have these two problems.

Glad I’m not the only one with the animation lag problem, was planning a clean flash to but seems like that probably won’t solve the issue.

Hi I have a for with los 20 and (Canada) app crashes. Would someone be kind and install the app and let me know here if the update to los 21 might allow the app to load under the new update. Thank you and looking forward to hearing to any kind souls that would check this for me.

Unfortunately, it still crashes on 21.

Thanks for the heads up