LineageOS 15.1 no 4G

Hi, I’ve LineageOS 15.1 on FP2, 2 sim. First SIM to navigate,send sms and call, Second SIM only for answer call.
Sim1 works only in Edge (E) no 3G or 4G. My provider have 4G network


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Did you checked under Settings -> network and internet -> mobile network -> then down “advanced” or “expand” -> prefered network type?
You can set it for every SIM card

I’ve set LTE alwayse

On both SIM-cards? You can set it individually

LTE above, I’ve set Mobile data ony on first SIM

Dwn:0.07 Mbps
Up: 0.05 Mbps

Can you try

  1. removing one Sim card and see if LTE works then?
  2. with two Sim cards set second Sim to 2G


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1 With only 1 Sim 5,29 Mbps than 3G works
2 I’ve set second Sim to 2G and LTE works fine

Thank you @chrmhoffmann

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