LineageOS 14.1 with OTA updates for FP2

Just a little question. Would it make sense to set the ntp server to a European source? I read that it helps the speed of getting a fix with gps…


There will be official nightly lineage builds now.




Thank you very much for all you work and effort, Chris!

Great news!
Thanks for your all the hard work and time, all of you put in that project!

Cool! :slight_smile:

The FP appears on https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/ but not on https://download.lineageos.org/
Should it be listed there as well?

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Great work @chrmhoffmann! If the device is listed on the download-section, I’m gonna supply a migration zip so people can switch to the official release WITHOUT factory resetting the device.


I think it will appear there as soon as there is a nightly build for download available. Currently the downloads list for FP2 is still empty:

Great news that the FP2 is now an officially supported LineageOS device. Thanks for all your hard work!

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But officially this is not supported for end users.



I have a flashable zip ready that can be queued before the official build that alters the keys for you automatically (just as earlier to get from your unofficial build to the OTA-updatable one).
I want to test it before I post it, so hopefully we get a nightly build soon.

(I’ve already put it in the Matrix channel if you want to see it beforehand)


Sounds very reasonable, didn’t think about that :slight_smile:

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Our build window is allways Tuesday. So we get the first official tomorrow.


That is so cool! Thank you so much.

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Can someone explain me why the official nightly is so amazing? Running lineage now for 3 month and it works really great. So what are the advantages?

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I had this myself with my first FP2 and the 2 other people I personally know (running FPOOS) have the same thing with their (brand-new) FP2s. Additionally the reboot problem seems to be a common thing seeing this forum.
With my first FP2, every OS (Ubuntu, Lineage, Sailfish, FPOOS, FP OS) had the same reboot issue. Rebooting randomly, when it was in use but also when it is lying still on the table. Fitting the battery as instructed elsewhere on the forum didn’t fix it for me.
Fairphone confirmed that mine had a hardware malfunction causing these reboots, and I got a replacement. Ubuntu, FPOOS, and now LineageOS haven’t rebooted even once with the replacement phone.

If you have tried more than one OS and additionally it also reboots when lying still (to confirm it’s not the battery being loose), my bet is that your phone has the same hardware issue as I had and you need a replacement to fix it.

It’s a bit offtopic here, but I want to mention this to prevent you needlessly spending hours of debugging your LineageOS install, while it may have nothing to do with it :wink:


I see the advantage mainly for new users, who will be able to download LineageOS from their official webpage. I think they also have their own app that simplifies switching to official builds of LOS.

Ps: I’m closing this topic. Let’s continue here:

There will be no more updates on this OTA-server. LineageOS will take over the building / updating.
To receive new updates you’ll need to switch to the official release!
It was always the goal to get it official.


Ok, thanks! That’s the first serious reaction I got on my question.

Since I’ve also accidentally have broken one of the sim readers (the card got stuck behind the copper pins) I’ve moved to a different phone brand. So this is solved (sadly, after almost 4 years of owning a FP1/2) and I’m keeping my FP2 as testing device for app I’m developing.

For the people watching this topic, please switchover to the official release:

This OTA release will not update anymore!

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