Lineage OS update from 29.October to 5. November fails

Hi, since there is no bugtracker that i know of, i’ll post it here, i don’t really need that upgrade but i usually keep everything up to date all the time :smiley: is someone else experiencing this issue as well? should i force upgrade through TWRP? or is it all just me and my tendency to break stuff internally? :slight_smile: It reboots, but reboots to system not TWRP, maybe that’s the bug with the new camera?

If you say “fails”, what exactly happens, which error messages appear, at which stage does the error occur?

Is that the first update you did with Lineage 15.1? Reboot to recovery doesn’t work when you have the 12MP back camera module. In that case, after 20% of the update, the phone would just reboot to the - not updated - system again. This used to work with Lineage 14.1.


it’s my first upgrade after installing my shiny new 12MP camera, i just started twrp manually and it is now updating :slight_smile:

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and the update is through, works perfectly, issue can be seen as copy of that other issue :slight_smile:

Until the bug is properly fixed, there is a - somewhat funny - workaround: enable the torch before starting the update process. For some strange reason that makes the phone properly reboot to recovery where the update then continues automatically.


wut? that is super weird :smiley: feels like that bug is in season though, light a candle for the phone and it’s happy :smiley:

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That’s hilarious! :100:
And even shutdown works properly with the torch on :astonished:

great hint, the torch works…



Another option is apply the update, and when it starts to reboot you press the up button until you land in TWRP.

Yeah, I know. But that requires a bit of timing. With the torch workaround you can start the process and leave the phone unattended. For me that is a big plus, as I don’t feel the need to watch a phone updating itself just to be there in time when I need to intervene.

Not in my case. Even with torch on it reboots after shutdown was selected. :-/

Connected to USB or a charger?

(20 character, blabla)

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