LineAge OS + microG + live location in WhatsApp

I’ve installed LineAge + microG again to get rid of some annoying popups in some adds. Since then my live location in WhatsApp no longer works.
Does it work for anyone with LOS + microG? Which settings and nlp do you use?

Do you mean LineageOS for microG? Or you installed official Lineage OS and then added microG?

Can you get a location fix with e.g. SatStat fine? I’m using Mozilla Location backend or LocalGSM backend for network location (official LOS manually patched with microG)

I don’t know how the WhatsApp feature works as I never used myself, sorry.

Hi, I installed the LOS for microG together (using the migration .zip).
I can get a location fix fine - seeing both GPS (blue) and GLONASS (red) dots.
Google Maps finds my location aswell without a problem. It’s just when I try an open a Live Location through WhatsApp, that it dumps.

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