Lineage OS 17.1 system files size - 13GB


I’ve recently upgraded to Lineage OS 17.1 from 16. Looking at the storage manager its saying that system files are 13GB whch seems a bit big.

Is that right or has something gone wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Mine says 14G, so…


This seems to be normal, I have 14 GB with /e/OS (Android 10).


Thanks both. I suppose I was puzzled because LOS 17.1 is only 4.8GB on my FP2, so was wondering if I maybe had an old OS or two I had tried in the past taking up the space.

I had a similar problem with another phone, and I wiped one of the partitions with TWRP (this helped), but I’m not sure if thats posible with LOS 17.1 as it doesnt seem to use TWRP anymore.

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